Welcome in Officine Locati! Since 1925, our Company is located in Monza, Northern Italy, km. 14 from Milan. Fast and easy access from airports: Malpensa (km. 52, approx 45′), Linate (Km. 18, approx 20′) or Bergamo Orio Al Serio (km. 44, approx 40′).

Monza is worldwide known for its Formula One track (Autodromo di Monza, km. 3 from our plant), Reggia Reale and Parco Reale (Reggia di Monza, bordering with us) and the Corona Ferrea (Museo del Duomo di Monza, downtown).

In case You are planning a multiple day visit to our town, please contact our offices for direct support; best accomodation suggested in Hotel de La Ville, km. 2.

Company contacts:

Officine Locati Monza s.r.l.

Via Lecco 55

I 20900 Monza

Ph. +39 039 322428 (english spoken)

Fax + 39 039 387655

Email Please note: we do not manufacture, trade, rent or buy:  wired mesh / plastic / wood / stainless steel / PVC gratings or fencings.

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